Our members list skills or services they want to exchange without money changing hands. You get the things you need — house repair, yard work, child care, dog walking, haircuts, piano lessons, etc — directly from other members. And time is the currency. So for every hour you give, the time is credited to your online account to be redeemed for an hour of another member’s skill or service.

Do you have some spare time on your hands? Do you have some small jobs that need doing? Do you want to get involved, keep busy, and help others? The new West Seattle Timebank could be just what you’re looking for.

By joining, you not only widen your circle, you help build a network of neighbors who are ready to take care of each other. Bottom line, it’s good to know you’re not alone, and there are people who will help you … and to whom you can return the favor.

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The West Seattle Timebank

We serve West Seattle, White Center and Burien.

We’re among the newest of some 300 Timebanks in the country. We’re local and internet-based. Timebank is a system that has been working well for more than 30 years!

To learn more about how it all works and meet other members, join us in person for the next Timebank gathering. Information on upcoming gatherings can be found in our News.

Read Events and Orientations to find our other events.
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Examples of Time Exchanges

Just to name a few.  Look Exciting?  Get Involved!

  • Gardening
  • Help with Computer
  • Massage
  • Transportation
  • Personal Training
  • Yoga
  • Painting a Room
  • Housecleaning
  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Snowboarding
  • Inventory
  • Music for an Event
  • Yard Sale Assistance
  • House Repair
  • Childcare
  • Sailing Lessons
  • Animal Care
  • Tutoring
  • Pet Sitting
  • Job Coaching
  • Craft Projects
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Attic/Basement Cleaning
  • Letter Writing
  • Walking with you on a Trail or in a Park

Watch these short videos

These videos show more detail about what timebanks are and how they work.

Paying It Forward:  Banking with Time, Not Money
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Now that you’ve seen Timebanking through the testimonials on Good Morning America, watch this short video, Time is Money,  for more details.

Time is Money


Real Money:  Diane Sawyer’s Hometown in Kentucky Saves Money By Helping Each Other Out


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by The Long Beach Time Exchange


Timebanking UK
It’s About Time – Timebanking in the 21st Century

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