Existing Members

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Community Weaver is our timebank management website where members keep track of their hours, offers, requests, and exchanges.  Only members see and use the site. It’s Secure and easy to use.

Timebanks-USA_weblogoThe Community Weaver data base is provided by Timebanks USA, our parent organization.

Read our Member Guidelines

The Member Guidelines contain a wealth of information on the ins and outs of your timebanking membership.

Do you volunteer for any of our Partners?

If so, you can earn Timebank hours!
Let us know if your favorite non-profit organization is not on ‘Our Partners’ list, and we’ll sign them on as a partner so your volunteer hours will count.

West Seattle Timebank Partners

List of partners coming soon!

Transportation Program

Transportation offered by the Timebank community is a valuable service!   Our drivers not only get to know their passengers—they get people where they need to go and home again.

We participate with the Sound Generations Volunteer Driver Transportation Program to screen and qualify our drivers. This lets passengers trust timebank drivers to be  personable and reliable with their transportation needs.

To Become a Driver

  1. You are already a member of the West Seattle Timebank. Great! Next Step.
  2. Complete the Senior Service Volunteer Driver’s Application.  Securely complete it online here.
  3. Meet with Kailan Tyler-Babkirk, kailant@soundgenerations.org or 206.748.7588, the Sound Generations Volunteer Recruitment & Outreach Coordinator, to get started. She’ll come to your neck of the woods. You’ll be on the road as a Timebank driver.