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Become a Member

We invite you to become a member of the West Seattle Timebank!
Here’s the process:

  1. Learn about Timebanks
    We encourage you to learn more about how timebanks work and how to be a part of them. Read through this page and learn more in What is a Timebank? You can also read our Member Guidelines.
  2. Complete the Membership Application

    (If you are a nonprofit, contact us to become a partner.) Your application will take 2 weeks to process.

  3. Attend an Orientation
    Meet with a current member to learn how the member exchange site works, what to expect from other members, and get your ID checked (part of the sign-up process). You can Contact Us to schedule an orientation, or attend one of the monthly gatherings.
  4. Sign up with the member exchange site
    After your ID is verified and the application is processed, you’ll receive a welcome email with the link to set up your account in our member exchange site. That’s where our members find and list offers and requests for services and track their timebank balance. Fill our your profile there: Tell us a little about yourself and your skills and interests.
  5. Do you want to be a timebank driver? (optional)
    One of the most popular Timebank exchanges is rides — to the airport or around town on other errands. If you would like to participate as a driver, there are a few extra steps. See the Transportation Program section below.
  6. Begin Timebanking
    Find or post opportunities on the member exchange site and start timebanking with other members. It’s that easy!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help in any way we can.

Already a West Seattle Timebank member? Go to Community Weaver and log in to Your Account.

Organization Memberships

Nonprofit, Organization or Community Group Memberships
Are you a Nonprofit or Community Group and would like to join the Timebank to post your volunteer opportunities to our members and also offer membership in our Timebank to your existing volunteers?
If so, please Contact Us. Your membership will be presented to the West Seattle Timebank board members. Once it’s decided to offer you an organization membership, you can proceed with a membership application.

  1. Fill out the Organization Application (fillable pdf) and return it to us via the Organization Membership Contact page.
  2. Select an agency contact person or coordinator and have them complete the Individual Membership, at the top of this page.
  3. The agency’s contact person or coordinator will need to attend an Orientation. 
Timebank board members are also available to come to your location for an orientation, scheduled at your convenience.
  4. After your applications are processed, you’ll receive a welcome email, and the link to set up your account in our timebank management site called Community Weaver. Community Weaver is where our members find and list exchange opportunities, and track their timebank balance.
  5. Begin expanding your volunteer base, enhancing your existing volunteer’s experience by Timebanking with other members if they choose.  It’s that easy!

Our Partners

Do you volunteer for any of our Partners?
If so, you can earn Timebank hours!
Let us know if your favorite non-profit organization is not on ‘Our Partners’ list, and we’ll contact them about becoming a partner so your volunteer hours will count.

Transportation Program

Transportation offered by the Timebank community is a valuable service!   Our drivers not only get to know their passengers—they get people where they need to go and home again.

We participate in the Sound Generations (formerly Senior Services) Volunteer Driver Transportation Program to screen and qualify our drivers. As a timebank member, you can become a trusted and reliable driver to help other members and the community at large with transportation in your own vehicle.

To Become a Driver

  1. Join the West Seattle Timebank.
  2. Find out more about the transportation program here and securely complete the Sound Generations Volunteer Driver Application online.
  3. Meet with Kailan Tyler-Babkirk, Sound Generations Recruitment & Outreach Coordinator for an orientation and easy safety check on your vehicle.
    Phone: 206.748.7588
    Email: kailant@soundgenerations.org
  4. Post an offer in our Community Weaver database and start earning hours! Sound Generations may also call on you, as your schedule allows, to drive for their program.


What is the member exchange site?

On the member exchange site, Timebank members post and respond to offers and requests, track and record Timebank exchanges, and view the calendar to see upcoming events. It is based on a software platform called Community Weaver. Only members can see and use the site (beyond the first page). It is secure and easy to use.

Data Base image 2The Community Weaver site is provided by Timebanks USA, our parent organization.  Timebanks-USA_weblogo