Weekend Adventures in Chicken Sitting (Yes, You Read that Correctly!)

The activity that ALWAYS get laughed at on our list of ideas for timebanking requests and offers… Chicken Sitting.

Reading it on a list of common requests and offers always elicits a giggle… or a full on laugh.

So… When you post an offer for ‘Home and Pet Sitting’ in Community Weaver, guess what you get asked to do?

Chicken Sitting in West Seattle! Plus, kitties and baby plants. I couldn’t ask for a better weekend – I’m making new (four and two legged) friends, watering plants, and getting the monthly Timebank email done.

Here is proof-positive that chicken sitting is available as a request. Full disclosure: I’ve never done it before, but am pretty good with cats and dogs. I’d do it again.

Here are a few chicken photos from this weekend:

20170402_163829-1_resized 20170402_163935-1_resized








And not to be out-done by chickens, here are Chicory and Larkspur:

20170402_171227-1_resized 20170402_165949-1_resized










The next time you see Chicken Sitting listed as a possible timebanking activity? You know it’s real.