Timebank Member’s Potluck Enchiladas Recipe

If you attended our April 2016 West Seattle Timebank Open House and Potluck, you certainly had the opportunity to see, taste, and smell Kellie Phelan’s enchiladas. So many in attendance asked for the recipe that she decided to share it with our timebank community. How lucky are we?!

The below link will take you directly to a file you can download or print. While the original recipe was from Bon Appetit, the enchiladas made for the timebank potluck substituted ground lamb for the chorizo listed in the recipe.

Chorizo and Cheese Enchiladas with Green Sauce

Kellie has been a member of the West Seattle Timebank since last November and is active in our timebanking community. On her website, KelliePhelan.com, she even lists timebanking as an important community building opportunity in her life. We agree!

Take some time to see what she has posted for current offers and requests in our database, or simply send her a note to say how much you enjoyed the recipe or pick her brain on why it didn’t turn out quite like hers. Thank you Kellie, for sharing your recipe.