Tell your story of timebanking with ’50 Stories in 50 Days’

Timebanks USA has recently shared a call for entries with us. The new project, titled ’50 Stories in 50 Days’, is geared towards showing the world the good that lies in our timebanking communities. If you would like to participate, an excerpt from a recent email follows:

Introducing 50 Stories in 50 Days

Starting in mid-February, we are launching the 50 Stories in 50 Days campaign to spread your timebanking stories throughout our social networks. It’s as simple as it sounds – one story per day for 50 days.

We will share the stories through Instagram and, from there, share it on Facebook and Twitter as well.  It’s a way of capturing the meaningful stories, which so often go untold – stories that may bring joy to someone who might be hearing about timebanking for the first time, or to experienced timebankers who will recognize and know the experience.  With timebanking, no one is alone.

But first… we need to capture your stories!  What’s your favorite timebanking exchange story you like to share?  It could be about anything that illustrates the transformation or sense of connection felt within an exchange.  It could be a big discovery or a small moment of peace. It could be your personal experience or, with permission, one of the experiences of your timebank members.

We’d love to include your story in this series.

Like social media and interested in participating? Here’s what you do next: 

  1. Take a high-resolution photo. The photo may be seen on their Instagram account (timebanksusa) and shared across social media.
  2. With the photo, include your story. Share 10 sentences or up to 150 words.
  3. Email the photo and story to Timebanks USA at:
  4. Let us know too! Shoot us a quick email at We’ll be watching, but love to know what our members are doing. Make sure you bank time for your participation.

February 1st, 2017 is the cutoff date for entry.