Stories of Timebanking and Pictures

Dora-Faye “”Dora-Faye”” Hendricks

Introducing herself as a new member, I spoke with Dora-Faye this week when she called to remind me of the upcoming meeting. She had already exchanged two services for her hours. The “Homemade Dinners for Two” — of Seafood salad and a frozen dessert (I imagine eclaires, but then, that’s me)

I agree with her that having a prepared meal delivered sounds like a wonderful trade for her time.  I am looking forward to meeting another woman who doesn’t LOVE the homemaking scene of planning, shopping and cooking. Not that there is anything wrong with a LOVE of homemaking, it is just NOT MY SCENE MAN!

I also think that Time Bank is a wonderful way to earn hours through the computer from home. She said the major “Win – Win” is to be home with her husband. (This, I personally am conflicted about, love my hubby, but….well)

So, Thursday , we should talk about Dora-Faye !

What additional details would you want? Was the dessert chocolate? Was the seafood locally sourced? Did her husband do the dishes?

Do they watch TV during dinner and discuss the evening news?  Or perhaps they are more like the Ancient Aliens type of TV watchers?