Psst! …. I Heard This About Wstb !

Tamsen Spengler told me that not long ago that using timebank hours really helped her make her commitment for a potluck event.

As I understand it, she had over committed herself by offering to bring BOTH a cooked ham and a dessert. (Now I would have lamely solved this via store-bought cookies or embarrassing myself by begging out of one.)

BUT NOT Tamsen. She made her WEST SEATTLE TIMEBANK hours pay off instead. reindeer-cookiesShe contacted a member who had offered holiday cookie baking, they brought a beautiful tray with a variety of cookies over the afternoon of the event, and viola! Tamsen was acclaimed as a marvelous friend and potluck cookie baker. ! She received rave reviews and congratulations on how much time she had put into the items she brought.

NOW, I know, you see her dilemma, the home-made cookies were so wonderful, few knew about timebanks, and the business of the event needed to be conducted., Tamsen just couldn’t interrupt proceedings to talk about cookies could she?

Tamsen did report that at the next regular meeting she told everyone about West Seattle Timebank.  == Now, I presume that since that time, a few of her colleagues have joined or become familiar with our system and she has “fessed up” about the GREAT COOKIE SOURCING MYSTERY!

Thank you for your kind attention to this one minute bit of gossip about WSTB. Email me your story and I will embellish it and get it mostly right,  and somewhat funny.
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