Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Randie Carnahan is a Burien resident who is very active in the timebank.

“Learning to help neighbors in this system is very positive,” Randy noted.

She earned 15 hours of credit helping a woman getting ready to move, including assisting at a garage sale and with packing. Randie has also done ironing, entering data into the timebank’s computer system and passing out information at a street fair.

In return, she has received help with her garden. “It needed a lot of TLC,” Randy explained.

At its most basic level, time banking is simply about spending an hour doing something for somebody in your community. That hour goes into your Timebank account as one credit hour. You then have a credit hour to spend on having someone else do something for you.

2012 = A Beginning for WSTB !

A volunteer committee of five West Seattle residents who had attended a Senior Services “Aging Your Way” conference in 2012 started the West Seattle Timebank (WSTB). The conference identified a “skills bank” as a community need. US Timebank was discussed, then it was decided that a Timebank would fill this need.

July 12, 2013 at the West Seattle Summerfest event, in partnership with Sustainable West Seattle, WSTB (West Seattle Timebank) was launched..The receipt of $500 from Sustainable West Seattle’s Green Incubator Grant Program to meet start-up costs for a web presence and tools necessary to recruit members.

Once the website presence was obtained, WSTB began getting the word out to the community. The Steering Committee has held informational presentations for local community groups and businesses.

One of the most valued outreach efforts has been the support of the West Seattle Blog and the West Seattle Herald. They posted announcements of the timebank’s monthly potluck member meetings and new member orientations.

All hours are valued equally. VISIT US on FACEBOOK!

The WSTB is expanding its member base by forming partnerships with local community businesses. The Senior Center of West Seattle, Boulevard Park Place and Balloons and Cupcakes provide meeting space in exchange for Timebank hours. Sustainable West Seattle, Environmental Stewards, West Seattle Be Prepared and the Delridge Grocery Co-op are partnering with the Timebank.
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These collaborations will connect volunteers to share unique skills sets across generational and cultural backgrounds.

Businesses, Organizations, as well as individuals contribute time, energies, skills and resources. Talk to us about your needs and resources! Apply NOW!