My first timebank mtg , by: Kristie B.

Oct 16 (10 days ago), Kirstie attended her first West Seattle Time Bank meeting.Kristie B.  has returned to her hometown “West Seattle”after living in Eastgate in Bellevue for 37 years.
FYI: ( soon to become .org)

She had found out from a friend that Time banks are places where folks in a community volunteer hours at their convenience, doing what they like, to help others in their community.  It is a remarkable way to meet great neighbors and make new friends and contribute value to your neighbors and community.  Kristie felt “re-animated” by the possibilities of my skills being utilized and rewarded.

(This is great for all of us, since an De-animated person
is pretty boring, and kinda sad when you think about it)

A nice evening t was a positive experience and a nice potluck too.  In a time when the economy is so hard on the average person, Kristie wrote that she felt she had won a jackpot just for showing up.

SO.. ” UH.. Time is Money..”  (Yea, I know, this is a Weird, Old Saying. )
BUT… For TimeBankers it is TRUE HUH?  SEE WHATS UP……HERE

Check it out.
Time banks have been around for years and are all over the country. Kristie suggested that “Google it” to find out more….   BUt, you could look at this handy dandy page I put up!          FIND OUT  MORE about TimeBANKS!
On her first night, Kristie B. earned 4 hours!  (an hour for attending the orientation, and hour for attending the meeting, an hour in advance for signing up to help with Festivas for the Sustainable West Seattle organization in December, and an hour for washing the dishes after the meeting)

She now has many options for using these hours.  Services like massage, ride to the airport, language lesson, yoga, and personal physical training came to mind as well as “Chicken Sitting”. (This is her favorite, even more than than dog sitting).

Via TimeBank Exchange (SHE SENT IN AN EMAIL) …..