Members: Your Response is Requested

Did you receive an email from the Timebank back on January 19th? We sent one out to all members asking for the good and what needs improvement. Your answer matters – it will help us focus on making the West Seattle Timebank better for all. There is still time to answer and receive an hour of time for doing so!

Reply to that email or send thoughts to We’ll be moving on to our next phase of the project on February 9th. The full text of the original email follows:


The Timebank board would like to see YOU happy with the Timebank. Please let us know.
Is it working for you? Great. Reply back to this email with one or two single services the West Seattle Timebank can continue to provide to our members in 2017. We’ll aim to focus on those services that members identify as essential.
Is it NOT working for you? 
– is it too hard to set up a profile? 
– is it hard to think of an ad to post?
– is there nothing that interests you being offered?
– are you ready to post an ad, but just don’t know what the next steps are? 
– would you like to respond to ad but don’t know what the next steps are?
– Have you posted a request, but it’s gone unanswered? 
If any of these sound familiar, here are some options:
1) come to our member meeting and we’ll walk you through the steps
2) email us back and ask for one-on-one help:
3) if you have decided that the Timebank isn’t for you, let us know and we can remove you from the list.
Thank you. We appreciate your response.
West Seattle Timebank Board