In 2018, Resolve to… Get ‘Unstuck’ on a Knitting Project

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2018!

Many people start the new year out with a long list of hopeful resolutions. Here at the Timebank, we have ‘Offers’ and ‘Requests’. Throughout the month of January, we’ll take a look at offers and requests your neighbors (REAL PEOPLE) have posted.

The next steps are simple – If you are member, click on the link provided in each post to be directed to the actual ad and make contact with a member. Best case, you meet a new neighbor and learn something new. Not a member? Join us by filling out our secure online application here. We’ll get you setup and you can be on your way to earning hours and fulfilling requests.

On to Day 5… Knitters, DON’T FROG THAT!

First off, what does it mean to ‘frog’ your knitting? Simply put, it’s ripping it all back to the start, what feels like the start, or to the point where you think you made a mistake. We have several knitters in our Timebank and this West Seattle member offers to help you with those inevitable mistakes. We all make them, experience knitters or not. Sometimes, the best way out is the help of another knitter. Before your rip, contact this member!