In 2018, Resolve To… Play Minecraft

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2018!

Many people start the new year out with a long list of hopeful resolutions. Here at the Timebank, we have ‘Offers’ and ‘Requests’. We’ll continue through the end of the month highlighting possible ways to help your neighbor or neighborhood organization. For those that are not members, these are current needs and wants that you could be assisting with. Also, they are a good starting point for thinking about how you can use the West Seattle Timebank.

The next steps are simple – If you are member, click on the link provided in each post to be directed to the actual ad and make contact with a member. Best case, you meet a new neighbor and learn something new. Not a member? Join us by filling out our secure online applicationĀ here. We’ll get you setup and you can be on your way to earning hours and fulfilling requests.

On Day 30… Play and Teach Minecraft

This request is for kids! An active Timebank member has two daughters that play Minecraft offline. Know someone who would like to join in and teach a few tricks or two? There is always opportunity to learn and make new friends. As we move from January into February, consider meeting up with them at our next Gathering on February 15th. It’s an evening of game playing! 6:30PM at the Senior Center of West Seattle. Watch for more information at this website.