In 2018, Resolve To… Help a Member with a Haircut

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2018!

Many people start the new year out with a long list of hopeful resolutions. Here at the Timebank, we have ‘Offers’ and ‘Requests’. The last couple weeks have been focused on offers. The rest of the month will be spent highlighting possible ways to help your neighbor or neighborhood organization. For those that are not members, these are current needs and wants that you could be assisting with. Also, they are a good starting point for thinking about how you can use the West Seattle Timebank.

The next steps are simple – If you are member, click on the link provided in each post to be directed to the actual ad and make contact with a member. Best case, you meet a new neighbor and learn something new. Not a member? Join us by filling out our secure online applicationĀ here. We’ll get you setup and you can be on your way to earning hours and fulfilling requests.

On Day 17…Help a Member Out with ‘A Little Trim’

That’s right – a ‘little off the top’, a simple hair trim. Nothing fancy! In particular, he’s asking for a bit off the back. This would be great for a hairstylist or the person who cuts hair casually for family or friends.

Did you know? We welcome people who have businesses to also participate in the Timebank. Consider offering your service once as part of the Timebank with the hopes that the person you provided services to may return (or come to another agreement) in the future. Another possibility is to offer a scaled back service that someone may pay full price for in the future. The possibilities are endless!