Good News: We are Happy to Announce…

It’s not every day that we get good news from the IRS, but today is just such a day!

The West Seattle Timebank is now a designated 501c3 charitable organization, which means that all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Timebankers Benefit!

Why is this such great news? Because it will help us raise operational funds, enabling us to accomplish our mission! Here’s why:

  • Fundraising is much easier for 501c3’s since all donations are Tax Deductible!
  • Less time spent fundraising means more time spent increasing membership
  • Increased membership means more offers made and more requests filled

Please help us spread the word and add the West Seattle Timebank to your list of laudable causes! Donation opportunities will be developed throughout 2017. Those with interest in fundraising should contact the Timebank at