Can You Guess What These Are?! It’s all part of a Timebank Exchange

Recently, a Timebank member made me these. I posted a need in Community Weaver with high hopes of having someone creative work on a project. I had not requirements for someone to be a skilled woodworker, but that’s what I got!


So, what are these you ask? 

The answer lies in the next photo showing a piece of artwork I bartered for.

I participate in a local barter group called Backyard Barter. I hand knit some fingerless gloves and received this artwork in return. ‘You are my sunshine’ was the song that my mom would sing to me when I was young, so it’s always carried a special place in my life. Plus, I love bright, colorful artwork in my life.

The artwork itself is painted on an upcycled piece of plywood – nothing fancy, but oh so durable. There were no hangers and I didn’t feel like my apartment walls would easily hold this hefty piece of fun art. So, I went to the Timebank where Julie answered my request. One rainy afternoon I met Julie, brought my artwork and my idea. She liked the idea of creating a stand of some sort and set to work. A few weeks later, I got a message that it was done! When we met up again, I learned that she put extra thought into the initial idea. The knots and rings occurring naturally in the wood pieces tie into the idea of a sun with rays (as seen well in the photo above) and are meant to face forward. This extra bit of thought has brought a whole new meaning to artwork I found fun and cheery! Julie also didn’t miss that the artwork was not exactly the same thickness, so the stand accommodates the varied thickness well. I couldn’t be prouder of what this has become with another West Seattle Timebank member’s help. Thank you, Julie.


I love that the artwork that now sits prominently in my home reflects two communities that I participate in. It will have a place in my home for a long time to come.