A Big Thank You for Services Provided for Request “Toy Chihuahua Needs Vacation Home”

Recently, we received a big THANK YOU and testimonial between two West Seattle Timebank members! Members Dora-Faye and Victoria had a successful exchange – and one that was of significant length – a full TWO WEEKS. Read on to find out the details…

“I want to share a few details about the exchange I received from Victoria (Vicky) when I requested “Toy Chihuahua Needs Vacation Home” in June.
Vicky and her husband met me and my husband and our little dog “Mia” to check each other out and discuss the arrangements for our needs, three full weeks of care for Mia while we were in Denmark visiting our only daughter, her husband and our only granddaughter — it’s important time for us.
Vicky and Mike had been thinking of adopting a pet and had taken pet care classes etc. but had never had a pet, or children.  Seeing what a sweet, friendly and small pet she is, they agreed to host Mia in their condo home for that extended time, FREE, and we exchanged details via e-mail a couple of times before Vicky invited Mia for a two-night “sleep-over” so they could see how Mia would behave and accept them and the new environment.
That visit worked successfully so the night before we were to fly away we took Mia and her bed, blankets, food, snacks, leash etc. to Vicky and Mike and wished them all well.  Vicky send several e-mails (with pictures!) of Mia in her guest area, with her bed, blankets, water, food etc. as well as several of her on a number of walks Vicky provided her, 2-3 times a day, and longer than she’d received from us!  She was happy with Vicky and it showed.
We picked up Mia the day after we returned from Denmark and Mia wasn’t even excited to see us but hung close to her ‘foster mother’ until I picked her up and hugged her.  We gave Vicky and Mike a gift from Denmark (a ceramic “Chihuahua” bank, with a couple of Danish coins to start a new savings account (for a dog OR a child!).  The imitation Mia was decorated in Seahawk colors with a white fabric bow on the collar and is about the size of the real Mia (12″ long and 7″ tall?).
Vicky wrote later to say, “It was fun hosting Mia and before babysitting her, I hadn’t realized how smart and full of personality chihuahuas could be!”   Vicky was a little allergic to dog dander but she and Mia had developed a great relationship and everyone was happy with the result, especially us!!”