The West Seattle Timebank

Timebanking is “an exchange of services between neighbors,” a concept which has spread to 350 timebanks across the U.S., including one founded in West Seattle four years ago. West Seattle Timebank now has over 250 members – say, you go wash your neighbors’ windows, and the time you spend doing that goes in the bank so you can use it to get help with something that you want. We are a member of TimebanksUSA and Sound Generations supports us in completing background checks for all members.

We aim to have a diverse membership and continually reach out to various cultural communities in the area. Working with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, White Center Community Development Association and Southwest Youth and Family Services, among others, we are able to provide a variety of translated materials about getting started with the West Seattle Timebank.

Family participation is important to us and we commonly have meal and activities for kids at community gatherings.

Who We Are

Tamsen Spengler – President, West Seattle Timebank

Tamsen is a founder and current President of the West Seattle Timebank. She is dedicated to the mission of the Timebank and is enjoying seeing it grow and become a viable organization in the West Seattle, White Center and Burien area. She is married, retired from the City of Seattle’s Human Services Dept. and has lived in West Seattle for over 40 years. She enjoys being involved in community work. This includes volunteering as the Vice President on the White Center Community Development Association’s board, being the Representative for Morgan Community Association on the Southwest District Council and is a Precinct Committee Officer for her precinct for the 34th District Democrats. Tamsen enjoys gardening, walking her dog, cross stitching and visiting her grandchildren in Spokane and Colorado.

Julie Garbutt – Vice President, West Seattle

Julie is new to the Timebank this year. She lives in West Seattle near the Junction and is excited about increasing the current membership’s involvement and appreciation of our Timebank.  She believes we will achieve this by focusing on increasing individual exchanges and allowing members to redeem earned hours for value-rich experiences that they want and need which will lead to a vibrant community.

Alexandra Thompson – Board Member & Membership Committee

Alexandra has extensive experience in program and project management in the solid waste, recycling, and hazardous waste fields. In addition to a ten year environmental career, Alexandra has experience in early childhood and elementary school education and in German language and culture. She is a 20 year resident of West Seattle and enjoys her free time exploring the Peninsula with her husband and two daughters.


Tell Us What You Think!

Members, what would you like to see on this page or our websites? What do you think of the Timebank, and what would make it better? Contact Us and let us know.