The West Seattle Timebank

Timebanking is “an exchange of services between neighbors,” a concept which has spread to 350 timebanks across the U.S., including one founded in West Seattle four years ago. West Seattle Timebank now has over 100  members – say, you go wash your neighbors’ windows, and the time you spend doing that goes in the bank so you can use it to get help with something that you want. We are a member of TimebanksUSA and Sound Generations supports us in completing background checks for all members.

Cultural Community

We are seeking a more diverse membership and are reaching out to various cultural communities in the area. Working with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, White Center Community Development Association and Southwest Youth and Family Services, among others, we are beginning to translate materials and hire interpreters for upcoming community meetings. To help families attend, we plan to have food and child care at community gatherings.

Who We Are

Board Member bios coming soon!

Partnership organizations who support Our Timebank

Business members who provide space or services in exchange for Timebank hours primarily for special events.

Senior Center of West SeattleSenior Center of West Seattle.jpg
Home Page of Senior Center on Web.


Boulevard Park Place
Residents love to share their fabulous community with neighbors. Boulevard Park Place has graciously offered their meeting room to host Timebank monthly meetings.
Home Page of Boulevard Park Place.


Tell Us What You Think!

Members, what would you like to see on this page or our websites? What do you think of the Timebank, and what would make it better? Contact Us and let us know.