What is a Timebank?

If you do something to help someone else, whatever skills are involved, each hour of time is collected in your account. You can then use those banked hours to get help from other people in the timebank.

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Timebanking is a great way to join your community, help people who need it, and get help yourself. We'd love for you to join us.

Do you volunteer with one of our partners?

If you volunteer with one of our partner organizations, get timebank credit for your hours! Check the list of organizations. If you don't see an organization you volunteer for, talk to them about partnering with us.

November 17th: Southwest Seattle Historical Society Presentation & Potluck

Thursday, November 17th The West Seattle Timebank hosts Clay Eals with the Southwest Seattle Historical Society Our evening’s presentation will introduce you to the history of SWSHS, events and exhibits that capture the history of our peninsula, and Timebank volunteer opportunities available. Enjoy learning about the Log House Museum as well as other historic locations where